How This Planner Saved My Mental Health!

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Introduction: Why I Created This Planner

The Planner That Saved My Mental Health

What This Planner Can Do For You

What's Inside The Planner

My Favorite Pages

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If you told me a few years ago that I would go from feeling anxious, depressed, and directionless to learning how to connect with my emotions, conquer my fears, and feeling more and more confident every day...

I would tell you that YOUR CRAZY.

I spent months trying to understand who I was and what my purpose was in life.

When I set out on this quest to discover myself, journaling was crucial for this journey.

Writing my thoughts helped me get out of my head, but I needed more structure to take it a few steps further. I realized that if I wanted to become self-assured and unabashedly confident, I need to get to the core of me...

and The Discover You Planner was born!


The Discover You Planner!

The all-in-one planner, journal, and guide that helps you transform the way you think and feel, discover your real purpose, and start living and planning the life you want!

After 15-months and 300+ hours of reading and researching, I created a tool that not only helped me archive my thoughts and feelings, but one that also helped me keep track of my most important priorities.

Once I started using this planner, I felt more confident than I ever have, I gained self-awareness, and I became the me that was there all along. I just had to dust off the dirt a bit.

  • I have accepted the events that have happened in my life that I previously viewed as mistakes.

  • I have learned to conquer my fears…like writing for my blog, for instance.

  • I know how to process my emotions, and I even welcome the negative emotions.

  • I know how to manage stress and anxiety.

  • I seek my approval first and no longer feel the need to be validated by other people.

  • I do the hard things with the belief that I can and will get through it.

What can this planner do for you?

Knowing yourself is the key ingredient to ensure meaningful success in your life.

The Discover You Planner is this incredible guide that kickstarts your self-discovery journey and helps you find your purpose and fearlessly live the life you are destined to live.

This planner will help you:

  • To stop feeling lost and uninspired by helping you recognize your mental cues and triggers.

  • Plan your days, weeks, and months without giving up time for self-care or your mental health.

  • Keep track of important milestones, events, projects, appointments, and more.

  • Learn to create balance in your work and social life so you can pursue your passions without living with regret and resentment.

  • Keep your emotions in check when they get out of hand.

  • Debunk negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with positive ones.

  • Learn to create joy in your life whenever possible and ultimately leave you feeling fulfilled and self-understood

  • Conquer your fears by using lessons from your past to light the way to your future.

  • And so much more!

What You Will Get

The Discover You Planner is a printable all-in-one planner that features:

  • 12-months of monthly, weekly, and daily planning

  • 52-weeks of guided self-discovery journal prompts and activities (psst…each week features a different topic to help you uncover and rediscover various aspects of yourself. Reflection topics and activities include:

  • Emotional Strengths, Weaknesses, & Awareness

  • Rediscovering Your Passions

  • Acknowledging & Debunking Negative Thoughts

  • Conflict Roles + Resolution

  • Fear, Insecurity, & Anxiety

  • And so much more…..

  • Self-Care Check-Ins

  • Quarterly Self-Assessments

  • End of the Year Reflections

  • Habit & Progress Trackers

  • Weekly Wins, Challenges, & Gratitude

  • Inspirational Quotes

  • And more!

And did I mention the freebies!!!??

When you purchase The Discover You Planner, it also comes with:

Planner Essentials

Since the path to self-discovery isn’t on a road alone, you still need to maintain the ups and downs of life without leaving your mental health to the waste side.

That’s why I include the following pages with each planner purchase:

  • Birthdays

  • Passwords

  • Year At a Glance

  • Goals By Category

  • Goals Breakdown

  • Important Contacts

  • And More!

Each planner comes with Monday and Sunday Starts for each size! A5 and Letter!

The beauty of having a printable planner is that you get to customize it to fit your lifestyle and The Discover You Planner is no different.

My favorite pages

It’s hard to narrow down my favorite aspects of this planner because they are all so useful. However, there are a few stand out players.

Guided Self Discovery Prompts

The guided prompts are perfectly spaced out from week to week and they give me the journaling aspect I love without it feeling overwhelming or like work.

Journaling was such a significant outlet for me throughout my journey, but it became a bit tedious when I found myself scouring the internet every week to find new journal prompts to write about.

I love that each week covers a different reflection topic. When you’re free-form journaling, it’s easy to overlook certain aspects of our personality, like how you handle conflict or lessons learned from your biggest regrets in life.

These prompts help you reflect without missing the important stuff.

2-Day Daily Layout

I absolutely love this 2-day daily layout!

Since my lifestyle changes pretty frequently, I love that on jam-packed days, I can time-block my schedule and stay organized...

And on more relaxed days, I can journal my thoughts, use the space for notes, brainstorm ideas, or make lists.

The layout works perfectly because this planner adapts to your lifestyle.

So that’s the story. Start your year off right in 2021 and rediscover who you really are! Get The Discover You Planner here!