FREE 2021 Calendar Card Printables and 3 Ways to Use Them

December 1, 2020 | by Livv Mills | This post may contain affiliate links

Minimalist Planner Calendar Cards

Get ready for the New Year with these minimal planner calendar cards that you can print from home!

I love using calendar cards! I especially love to use them in my A5 Planner because they add such pizzazz and elegance.

They also help me keep track of the days and my goal deadlines because we all know how quickly time can fly. That's why I make sure to keep these bad boys handy all the time.

These calendar cards are the perfect addition to any planner or desk. Print these out and never let the month get away from you again!

Download the Free 2021 Calendar Cards Here

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3 Ways to Use Printable Calendar Cards

1. Decorate Your Planner

Your planner is the hub of all things organization in your life. It houses your goals, your plans for the future, and if you have my self-discovery planner, then it also holds your innermost thoughts and emotions.

Since your planner does all of these wonderful things, why not decorate it with the tools and accessories that'll help you accomplish all of the different goals in your life!

2. Add Them to Your Desk

These minimal calendar cards make it easy and affordable to customize your workspace.

Whether your desk is at home or at the office, these cards will look great in any environment.

3. Decorate Your Office Wall

You no longer have to buy expensive wall calendars when you can print this 2021 Calendar Wall Art at home for FREE!

LivvCreative 2021 Calendar Wall Art

I have not only included the printable planner cards that you can cut out, I have also included the picture frame ready version that you see in the image above!

Using this simple wall art makes my office much more cozy and it's FREE! It's super easy to pop one of these bad boys in a frame, hang it up, and call it a day!

All you have to do is get a frame from your local craft store or 99c store and put it in the frame.

Just make sure that frame will fit 8.5"x11" paper.

How To Print

Printing these calendar cards is super easy. The download is 2 pages (6 months on each page). There is a dotted border surrounding each month for easy and seamless cutting.

I recommend printing these cards on heavy CardStock that is US Letter Size (8.5"x11").

If you want EASY ACCESS to more FREE printables like these, then make sure you sign up for the Freebies Library below!


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